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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

Quake Wars is very objective based, making it a more interesting proposition than say Counter Strike or even Battlefield 2. The map that I played involved the humans trying to take down a Strogg generator, but to get to the generator several other objectives have to be achieved first. If the humans destroy the generator within the given time limit they win, and likewise if the Strogg stop them from doing so then they win. The map also felt very tightly designed, so you never found yourself wandering around the landscape looking for the action, as you sometimes do in BF2.

Considering that I wasn’t the biggest fan of Doom 3 and never even bothered to play Quake 4, I was surprised at how visually impressive Quake Wars looked. Of course Activision was running the game on PCs equipped with twin 7900 GTX cards in SLi, so I’m sure that all the eye candy was cranked up to full.

One of the things that Activision has been shouting about is MegaTexture technology, whereby the landscape is actually constructed from one massive texture. This brings with it some key advantages. First, the single, large texture should improve performance over the traditional multi-texture model. Second, and more important in my view, there should be a vast improvement to the draw distance with a near eradication of pop-up. In fact I made a concerted effort to find some pop-up effects while playing, but it appeared that the Quake Wars world is pop-up free.

There’s no definite release date announced for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, but if you’re a fan of team based FPS games, you should make sure you get hold of a copy as soon as it hits the streets.


Enemy Territory: Quake Wars


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