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Encyclopaedia Britannica launches iPhone Apps for Kids


Encyclopaedia Britannica launches iPhone Apps for Kids

If you’re of a certain age you’ll recall that in the past if you wanted to learn about something in depth your first port of call was actually a large book on your shelf, rather than your computer. These, for those who are hard of memory, were called encyclopadias, and one of the most popular in the UK was Encyclopaedia Britannica.

These days of course it’s all about Wikipedia, but now the old stalwart is fighting back by releasing a series of educational apps for children aged between eight and twelve. These will run on Apple’s iOS4 plaform, which means they will run on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch – so you’ll either need to be very generous with your kid’s pocket money, or willing to risk youthful fingers all over your expensive smartphone.

As Ian Grant, managing director of Encyclopaedia Britannica UK said in a statement, “More and more parents are now allowing their children to use their mobile devices and, perhaps more significantly, a large percentage now download games and educational apps specifically for them to use. We feel that apps offer huge potential for us and are one of the most effective approaches for reaching out to learners everywhere. The new products will deliver the extensive, reliable content traditionally associated with Encyclopaedia Britannica, in a completely fresh, exciting and compelling format.”

The Encyclopaedia’s will be optimised for the iPhone 4’s retina screen and will support iOS multi-tasking so will resume from where they left off if you switch away.

There will be three Encyclopaedia Britannica Kids apps available initially; Volcanoes, Dinosaurs, and Ancient Egypt and these will be available from 1 September for £4.99 each.

Link: Britannica Kids Online

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