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Eee PC Top Hits Pre-Order


Eee PC Top Hits Pre-Order

Asus's Eee Top was revealed a couple of months ago, under the guise of the Eee Monitor. It seems someone at Asus saw sense and realised that Monitor was not a good name for an all-in-one PC. That's particularly noteworthy now, as the system is up for pre-order at a bunch of e-tailers.

Not only does that give us a taste of the system's prospective price of £400, but it also it means we have the full specs, as follows:

  • 1.6GHz Intel Atom CPU

  • 1GB RAM

  • 160GB hard drive

  • Operating System: Windows XP Home

  • 15.6in touch screen display

  • OS: Windows XP Home

  • 1.3MP webcam built-in

  • Two 4W speakers (hardly groundbreaking)

  • Gigabit Ethernet, six USB ports, SDHC card reader

  • Draft-N wireless

Black and white colour options are available, in case such choices are enough to warrant a purchase and the system carries a reasonably generous two year warranty.

At around twice the price of the Eee Box, Asus may have to do a bit of persuading people that a touch sensitive screen is worth the extra investment. A 15.6in screen isn't exactly impressive, and for £200 there's no shortage of great options.

Anyone taking bets on when MSI, Samsung, Toshiba et al follow suit with similar systems?


Play.com - Eee Top.

Clove - Eee Top.

Ebuyer Eee Top Black

Ebuyer Eee Top White

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