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Eee PC 904 Details Confirmed


Eee PC 904 Details Confirmed

As if our anonymous source(s) within Asus haven't already done a good enough job of slipping us Eee Box information, we've now managed to get our hands on a few snippets regarding the rumoured Eee PC 904 and 905.

First, we can tell you that there is no Eee PC 905 that anyone inside Asus has heard of. Second on our debunking list is the suggestion that the 904 would replace the 901 - it won't. Asus is responding to customer feedback and offering both the option of a large keyboard or a smaller chassis.

The information we have also suggests the 904 will come with hard drives, rather than SSD storage and that pricing will be in the £269 inc. VAT region. Better still the Eee PC 904 isn't a distant sighting and should, so our source says, be hitting the channel within the next two weeks.

While on the subject of pricing and shipping information, we're told that the Eee PC 901 should be in the UK "from this weekend onwards" at £299 inc. VAT. We also hear that the delays that occurred to the Eee PC 1000 have now been resolved and that those systems should be available "from next week {at the} latest".

Matthew Bunton

July 2, 2008, 10:59 pm

This so called Netbook market is growing at an unbelievable rate with so many regular updated models and numerous manufacturers all fighting for a foothold.

It offers great choice for the consumer however how long before the prices start to creep up in a constant bid to out do each others specs and the original vision is forgotten?

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