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EXCLUSIVE: Next Gen Philips 1080p Ambilight HDTV

Gordon Kelly


EXCLUSIVE: Next Gen Philips 1080p Ambilight HDTV

Now here's an interesting tip off from our new favourite contact 'Virbo'...

Philips has a completely restyled flagship 1080p Ambilight HDTV on the way and although it has yet to be officially announced I've got the full PDF in front of me.

Rumours of the '42PFL9900D' have been on the web for some weeks but – as far as I'm aware – this is the first time anyone has been able to confirm its existence or provide a full breakdown of features. Is it as good as anticipated? You betcha!

From the off it is clear this is no incremental update since the set's design has been completely redesigned with the Ambilight full surround finally blended directly into the curved frame to create a refreshing original design in a market swamped with piano blacks. Or, as our source says "they won't have that huge white piece of board anymore!"

The internals of the 42PFL9900D also match up to the impressive aesthetics with Philips' famed 'Perfect Pixel HD' engine, a native 1080p resolution with 100Hz refresh rate to tackle motion blur, 1200:1 contrast ratio (8000:1 dynamic contract), 550 cd/m2 brightness and wide 176 degree viewing angle. Naturally there's an integrated digital TV tuner and connectivity keeps pace with recent sets providing three HDMI inputs as well as a USB connector for sharing jpeg, mp3 and alb (slideshow) files.

Sadly our tipster tells us that Philips isn't currently planning to bring the 42PFL9900D to the UK when it launches later this year but it certainly appears to be the evolutionary design step the company's Ambilight range needed to take and we can't wait to see what offshoots come from it.

Thanks again to Virbo, who I hear bench presses Ferraris in his spare time. Here's the full spec sheet below for your viewing pleasure...

Update: This model WILL be coming to the UK and it will be the company's new flagship model.

Update2: Latest info suggests to us Philips may launch the 42PFL9900D under a more sexy name. Both the 'Aura' and 'Aurora' series are said to be in the running...

Update 3: Looks like 'AUREA' is actually the name judging by this exciting photo we've just received of the set in action...

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