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Dyson Stretches Air Multiplier Fans to 'Desktop' & 'Tower' Sizes

Gordon Kelly


Dyson Stretches Air Multiplier Fans to 'Desktop' & 'Tower' Sizes

The Dyson Air Multiplier caused headlines all over the world, when its fanless design launched in October last year and now the company is back with two huge new models...

The 'AM02 Tower' (second from right) and 'AM03 Pedestal' (far right) have both been designed with larger spaces in mind and generate much greater airflow than the original 'AM01 Desk Fan'. In the case of the Pedestal, to up 50 per cent more.

Consequently with the Pedestal we have a unit which can draw in up to 33 litres of air per second and amplify it 18x. It uses a constant rate Tensator spring to easily push or pull the 'loop amplifier' (fan head) to set the height and angle and can be adjusted between 1.2m and 1.4m in height. As for the Tower, it can draw in 33 litres of air per second and amplify this 16x.

In terms of size, the Pedestal comes in at 107 x 450 x 1188 - 1408mm and the Tower at 1007 x 110 x 190mm, both of which are substantially bigger than the 547 x 356 x 152mm the Desk Fan. The Pedestal weighs 4.35Kg, the Tower 3.39Kg.

The video below shows how the ingenious tech behind these fans work and as with all Dyson's air multipliers the lack of spinning blades means you get a constant stream of air without buffeting. They are ideal for family with children since there is no safety risk. They're easy to clean too.

Naturally enough, however, as with all Dyson products the question tends not to be "Do I want one?" but "Can I afford one?" and here the answer is: unlikely. The original Desk Fan still retails for £199.99 with both the Tower and Pedestal coming in at £299.99 and going on sale immediately.

So yes we have further extremely cool additions to this most premium of lines, though I can't help but wish Dyson would make a model one third the size of the original Desk Fan for £99.99 that could also run on batteries. Who's with me?

Link: Dyson Store Air Multiplier Fans

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