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Droid 2 Leaks As Motorola Reveals Plans For 2GHz Smartphone

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The Droid (Milestone in the UK) was the handset which pulled Motorola off the smartphone scrapheap and now we've got details on its successor...

The logically named Droid 2 has been leaked to the dedicated chaps at Droid-Life and while Motorola has been keen to throw out swanky Android handset after swanky Android handset I have to say this brings me an extreme sensation of meh.

Key specs are a 3.7in display (res unknown), 750MHz OMAP processor, WiFi (with tethering), 8GB of internal storage + an 8GB SD card, a 5MP camera and updated keyboard. Sadly it looks like the XT720's flirtation of a vanilla Android UI was just that since the Droid 2 once again has the company's I just don't care MotoBlur skin slapped onto it and will ship with Android 2.1 not the far more exciting 2.2. The Droid 2 also lacks the HDMI port seen on the XT720 or a front facing camera.

Yes, you've probably gotten more excited about cups of tea... and why not?

Of some consolation, however, is news Motorola co-CEO Sanjay Jha is looking to push the smartphone envelope considerably further with new handsets before the end of the year. ConceivablyTech.com reports Jha as saying at a public speaking event at the Executives Club of Chicago that his company plans to ship a smartphone in Q4 which will "incorporate everything that is technologically possible in a smartphone today."

According to Jha that includes a 2GHz mobile CPU, Tegra2 chipset, HD res display, HDMI output, Flash 10.1, gyroscope (as seen in the iPhone 4) and 8MP-plus camera. Sounds exciting to us, so let's just hope they don't put MotoBlur on it...


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