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Droid 2 Leaks As Motorola Reveals Plans For 2GHz Smartphone

Gordon Kelly


Droid 2 Leaks As Motorola Reveals Plans For 2GHz Smartphone

The Droid (Milestone in the UK) was the handset which pulled Motorola off the smartphone scrapheap and now we've got details on its successor...

The logically named Droid 2 has been leaked to the dedicated chaps at Droid-Life and while Motorola has been keen to throw out swanky Android handset after swanky Android handset I have to say this brings me an extreme sensation of meh.

Key specs are a 3.7in display (res unknown), 750MHz OMAP processor, WiFi (with tethering), 8GB of internal storage + an 8GB SD card, a 5MP camera and updated keyboard. Sadly it looks like the XT720's flirtation of a vanilla Android UI was just that since the Droid 2 once again has the company's I just don't care MotoBlur skin slapped onto it and will ship with Android 2.1 not the far more exciting 2.2. The Droid 2 also lacks the HDMI port seen on the XT720 or a front facing camera.

Yes, you've probably gotten more excited about cups of tea... and why not?

Of some consolation, however, is news Motorola co-CEO Sanjay Jha is looking to push the smartphone envelope considerably further with new handsets before the end of the year. ConceivablyTech.com reports Jha as saying at a public speaking event at the Executives Club of Chicago that his company plans to ship a smartphone in Q4 which will "incorporate everything that is technologically possible in a smartphone today."

According to Jha that includes a 2GHz mobile CPU, Tegra2 chipset, HD res display, HDMI output, Flash 10.1, gyroscope (as seen in the iPhone 4) and 8MP-plus camera. Sounds exciting to us, so let's just hope they don't put MotoBlur on it...




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