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DoubleSight Launches USB Powered Mini Monitors

Gordon Kelly


DoubleSight Launches USB Powered Mini Monitors

We've seen our fair share of DisplayLink monitors, but could this be the latest USB screen trend...?

DoubleSight Displays has announced a line of tiny 16:9 'Smart USB' monitors which are designed to easily add desktop real estate to your PC or laptop. Three models make up the range: the 7in 'DS-70' and two nine inchers, the 'DS-90' and 'DS-90 UC'.

Not a lot is spelt out in terms of specs, though I suspect you're hardly going to be chasing down the lowest response times and highest contrast ratios. That said, while the 800 x 480 resolution on the DS-70 is perhaps a little low the 1024 x 600 netbook-esque display on the two nine inchers should make for a extra handy space (the 'UC' model adds a webcam). Vitally all will connect and be powered by a single USB port meaning no extra cables.

Now we've seen similar one-off solutions before, but this is the first time I've noticed a company doing a full range of mini USB monitors and it's likely no bad thing. As for pricing and availability, we still await European details, but in the US they go on sale now for $120 (£75), $140 (£87) and $160 (£100) respectively making them just about within the realms of an impulse buy.

Good idea? Bad idea? Either way, I suspect we'll see a lot more soon.


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