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Dixons and PCWorld Open AppUp-Powered App Store


Dixons and PCWorld Open AppUp-Powered App Store

Intel today announced that DSG group - Dixons and PCWorld - will be opening up an app store based on the chipmaker's AppUp platform.

AppUp, which today moved out of beta and into a 'gold' status, provides a unified set of developer tools and a portal for buying apps and selling apps for Atom based products on both Windows and MeeGo operating systems. In other words, it's Intel's attempt at the Apple App Store and Android MarketPlace, with the limitation of being for Atom powered netbooks and tablets only. Partners include Sega, who will be bringing its Megadrive games to the platform, as well as Barnes and Noble who will be bringing an app for its Nook E-Book reader.

We've yet to use AppUp so can't vouch for its usability or breadth and depth of content. However, Intel claims there are 450,000 people signed up to it and 22,000 members in its developer community. Indeed the company feels it's successful enough that next week it will be holding its first annual AppUp conference called Elements.

Intel also presented Rick Vanner, of British developers TheGameCreators, with an enormous cardboard key as reward for winning the recent Atom Developer Challenge. His Goals! game is a simple top down football game that runs on both MeeGo and Windows.




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