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Digital Revolution

It seems like the digital TV message has definitely made its way out to Taiwan and the amount of DVB tuners on show was quite staggering. The first stop that I made on the digital TV trail was Twinhan. Now you may not have heard of this company, but I was pointed towards them by the guys at Elonex, who have been using Twinhan USB TV tuners in their Media Center PCs.

I was told that Twinhan had a really cool USB digital TV tuner and sure enough when I stopped by for a chat with the ladies on the stand I was shown the Beetle. Looking at the picture, it doesn’t take a genius to work out why this device is called the Beetle, but it is pretty compact and has a UK type aerial connector integrated, which makes a change.

Flipping the Beetle onto its back and prying its shell open revealed a Samsung DVB tuner inside, and not a whole lot else. I can see now why Elonex uses them inside its machines, as they can be easily mounted and just run off a USB header on the motherboard. Twinhan will be sending me one of its little tuners for testing, but unfortunately it won’t be the Beetle, since the company isn’t selling the Beetle direct. However the Beetle is being rebadged by several well known manufacturers like MSI and Gigabyte.



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