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Detailed 4th Generation iPhone Specs Leak

Gordon Kelly


Detailed 4th Generation iPhone Specs Leak

It has been found/stolen, dated and torn apart. So there seems little left to surprise us about the impending fourth generation iPhone other than its specifications - which we now have...

Digitimes claims "sources from Taiwan-based component makers" - a phrase we wouldn't usually associate with fact before Apple's security implosion - have the hard details and the biggest change looks set to be the screen.

Most interesting is the new model will indeed have the much rumoured super high 960 x 640 native resolution display. This will be on an IPS ('In-plane Switching') panel with FFS ('Fringe Field Switching') technology which between them bring wider viewing angles and more visibility under direct sun light. HTC has already used FFS in its Android handsets and Apple is likely keen on it to improve the iBook reading experience.

On top of this the new panel will allegedly be 33 per cent thinner than previous iPhone screens to permit a larger battery module (supplied by Simplo Technology and Dynapack International Technology) though it does make you wonder if it can remain as tough as the last three generations.

Horsepower? Like the iPhone 3GS, an ARM Cortex A8 processor will be the beating heart of the handset though whether this is rebadged under the 'A4' branding seen in the iPad remains to be seen. In the 3GS the A8 is clocked at 600MHz, but here it is expected to be higher and would an iPad equalling 1GHz be out the question with the 1.3GHz Mondrian knocking about? Finally memory is being doubled to 512MB over the 256MB in the 3GS.

Combine all this with the front facing camera, improved rear camera (believed to be five megapixels) with flash, slimmer form factor, most likely enlarged capacities (64GB must be nailed on, surely?) and the goodness of iPhone OS 4.0 and Apple may have a winner. Given Digitimes claims iPhone builder Foxconn is planning to ship 24 million units during 2010 clearly Apple believes this too...

Link: Digitimes

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