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Denon DVD-A1UD Blu-ray Player Revealed


Denon DVD-A1UD Blu-ray Player Revealed

There are already a lot of great high-end Blu-ray players around (such as the Pioneer BDP-LX71, but Denon's forthcoming DVD-A1UD takes premium to a whole new level. It needs to if it's going to persuade anyone to part with the equivalent of ¥546,000 - nigh on £4,000 - to get one.

Aesthetically I think Denon is on the money (all £4,000 of it) but obviously what's inside is what really matters. Unsurprisingly Blu-ray (profile 2.0) and DVD discs can be played and DVD Audio, SACD and audio on DVDs and CDs can also be read. There's an SDHC card reader supporting DivX video, JPEG images as well as WMA and MP3 audio. Given the price I think assign FLAC and AAC to that list wouldn't be much of a stretch, so it's a definite shame there is no such comprehensive support.

I feel I need hardly mention Dolby True-HD and DTS HD Master Audio can be played over the DVD-A1UD's 7.1-channel analogue output. Processed by a 32-bit/196KHz DAC and with as restoration of compressed audio formats to boot.

Connectivity to AV equipment comes courtesy of two HDMI ports, component, composite and S-Video connectors, optical and coaxial digital audio outputs and a Denon Link connector, for hooking up to a dedicated Denon AV receiver. There's also an RS232 connection and an Ethernet port, for firmware updates, BD Live content and the like.

There's no denying that Denon is asking a lot for this Blu-ray player, but if you're among those of us that don't have a tonne of dept and are decrying the constantly lowering interest rates, you'll probably call £4,000 good value. While watching a pair of 103in Panasonic plasma TVs at once, just for kicks, no doubt.

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