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Dell "very interested" in Moblin for Netbooks

Andy Vandervell


Dell "very interested" in Moblin for Netbooks

In spite of promising beginnings, netbook manufacturers have largely moved away from Windows alternatives - specifically Linux - on their netbooks. However, though no less resistant to the trend, Dell is one of the few that still gives users the option of Ubuntu Netbook Remix on its machines and it looks as though Dell will continue to encourage this. In a recent post on its Direct2Dell blog, it confirmed that it was "very interested" in Intel's Moblin project, the Linux distribution designed specifically for netbooks.

In the post, Dell describes Moblin as "the next evolutionary step of the traditional Linux environment", adding that it was working very closely with key partners (Canonical and Intel) in developing potential offerings.

Also discussed in the post is Google's Chrome OS, which Dell has internally named a "targeted-experience platform" due to its emphasis on web based applications. Of course, all of this is largely conjecture right now, but given Dell's historical support for Linux we'd wager Dell will have something to show sooner rather than later. We certainly hope that's the case.

For those not familiar with Moblin, this introduction video to the Moblin 2.0 Beta may be instructive:


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Direct2Dell - Dell on Google's Chrome OS and More



July 16, 2009, 10:02 pm

Looks like my next netbook is likely to be a Dell.

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