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Dell's 2011 Smartphone And Tablet Roadmap Leaked

David Gilbert


Dell's 2011 Smartphone And Tablet Roadmap Leaked

“Carlsberg don’t do leaks, but if they did…” This should be the tag line for the two slides purporting to show Dell’s plans for the coming 12 months in relation to phones and tablets, which include having Google’s next iteration of its mobile OS on a smartphone and Windows 8 running on a tablet.

Let’s take the smartphone slide first. Things look decidedly boring for the first six months of the year with only an updated Venue Pro to look forward to as it is getting “some additional features and enhancements” – code for a Windows Phone 7 update possibly. Moving into July however we see a phone called Wrigley which is running the updated version of Window Phone 7 (entitled Next-Gen), has a 1GHz processor, 4in WVGA screen, 8 megapixel camera and 720p recording ability.

All very nice but nothing ground breaking I hear you say. Well just have a look at the Hancock, due September, which is a slider phone running Android Ice-Cream. Yes, the version of the OS, Eric Schmidt alluded to at his MWC keynote, is coming in 2011 it seems. Otherwise the Hancock will have a 4in qHD screen, dual cameras, dual-core processing and 1080p recording. Finally for 2011 Dell is planning on bringing us the Millennium (about 11 years too late) which will have a large 4.3in screen, dual-core processor, dual cameras, 1080p recording and DNLA support. All told a nice looking smartphone line-up for 2011.

Moving onto their bigger brothers, Dell’s tablet revolution will continue with the Steak 7 getting an update to Honeycomb in July but prior to that the Streak 10, codenamed the Gallo here, will be launched in April with a handwriting update for the 10.1in device coming in October. Dell’s business-orientated Windows 7 10 incher will be coming to commercial and business channels in June. The only extra information we learn about the device, codenamed Rosemount, is that it will have a resolution of 1366 x 768.

In October a tablet codenamed Sterling, is going to make an appearance. As it seems to be in the same channel as the Streak we could assume it will be an updated mid-size model running Android Honeycomb but we’ll have to wait and see. What is really exciting though is Dell’s plans for the start of 2012, when it will launch three tablets, two running Honeycomb – the Opus One and Silver Oak – and one running Windows 8, the Peju (nice name). The Opus One should be around the 5in-7in mark, the Silver Oak around 7in-9in while the Peju will be a 10in monster.

So there you have it, Dell is definitely looking to make its mark in the tablet and smartphone worlds and if these plans are anywhere near the mark, they could be a major player in the coming 12 months. As with all leaked documents and even official roadmaps, as Dell says itself, things can change and could be scrapped altogether.

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