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Dell Updates XPS 15 And XPS 17 Models

David Gilbert


Dell Updates XPS 15 And XPS 17 Models

The poster announcing Dell’s updated models of the XPS 15 and XPS 17 warns you to “Brace Yourself” as the awesome power of 3D is now being offered as an optional extra on these aesthetically-challenged laptops.

Dell recently announced that it would be killing off the XPS 14 model, only months after it launched, to replace it with a lighter and thinner model – which could incorporate the Adamo features having also sounded the death knell for that line recently. With the XPS line getting very regular refreshes, we only recently looked at the previous iterations of the XPS 17 and XPS 15 but these new models, as well as offering an optional 3D panel on the larger model, brings the power of Sandy Bridge.

The new laptops will support a range of Intel’s second generation Core processors including dual- and quad-core i3/i5/i7. The XPS 15 can have up to 8GB of RAM while its bigger brother can have up to 16GB. “Bottom line, either of these machine will be perfect for high-end computing tasks. Whether you are a gamer, or a high-end photographer or someone who does a lot of video editing stuff, these machines can handle it,” Lionel Menchaca said in a Dell Blog. Graphics can be handled by Nvidia GPU options of up to GT540M on the XPS 15 or GT555M on the XPS 17.

The new XPS 17 is currently available to order in Europe, North America and Asia from today with a base price of £649 while the XPS is only launched in the United States today (starting price of $1049) with other countries following in the coming weeks.

Source: Dell and Direct2Dell

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