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Dell Unveils Multi-touch Laptop & Desktop

Gordon Kelly


Dell Unveils Multi-touch Laptop & Desktop

Feeling the need to get a little more intimate with your computers? Dell understands your urge...

The PC giant has announced the desktop 'Inspiron One 19' and 'Studio 17' laptop each with integrated multi-touch and recognition of up to four fingers. Consequently owners will be able to navigate, draw onscreen, edit photos, swipe through playlists and much more all while your mouse/trackpad sits by feeling unloved.

As for the hardware itself, the One 19 is an affordable all-in-one PC with 18.5in 16:9 display and slightly disappointing 1366 x 768 native res backed up by a choice of Intel Celeron 450 or Core 2 Duo E5300 CPUs, up to 3GB of DDR2 RAM and a 640GB HDD. Measuring just 386 x 477 x 103mm and weighing in at 7.3Kg, the One 19 starts from £479 and could make an ideal second computer.

The Studio 17 meanwhile is at the other end of the spectrum with monstrous 17.3in Full HD display (optional upgrade), up to 8GB RAM, the choice of a Core i7 CPU, potential 1TB of HDD space, a Blu-ray drive and JBL SRS speakers with integrated sub. That said, graphics are limited to a midrange Radeon HD 4650 chip so this is squarely aimed at multimedia rather than gaming. Prices start from £499, though I had it configured north of £1,000 with no trouble at all.

Is multi-touch a gimmick at this stage? Yes and no. On the plus side it does add extra usability, but on the downside even Microsoft's generally excellent Windows 7 isn't particularly optimised for a touch interface. The choice, as ever, is up to you...


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