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Dell Unveils Adamo Thin £350 Laptop

Gordon Kelly


Dell Unveils Adamo Thin £350 Laptop

When Dell showed off the first generation Adamo laptop the general reaction was: "great design, shame about the price". Which means it is now time to get rather excited...

Taking great design queues from the Adamo is Dell's brand spanking new 'Vostro V13', a 13.3in laptop with killer looks for those on a budget. It gets a great deal right too with a matt finish, anti-glare 13.3in 1366 x 768 LED display, up to 4GB RAM and the choice of a 1.3GHz single core Celeron M or 1.3GHz CULV Core 2 Duo (though just a Core 2 Solo in the UK so far). Wireless n is also bundled along with a 250GB or 320GB HDD and Intel's reasonable GMA 4500MHD integrated graphics are HD capable.

More questionably, Dell has bizarrely left HDMI connectivity out of the equation opting for VGA instead while the six cell battery takes a leaf out of Apple's book and is built in. This latter option was likely key in attaining the V13's 16.5mm thick profile and 1.59Kg weight, though there is no word on what this battery will attain. Bloopers aside, as long as it passes the five hour mark I'd be inclined to cut it some slack given Dell will start selling the V13 in its base configuration for just £359.

Perhaps the best news of all? The Dell Vostro V13 goes on sale today...


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