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Dell Teasing Quad-Core, 17in Notebook


Dell Teasing Quad-Core, 17in Notebook

Normally I'd say someone needs to tell Dell's marketing department that shouting at its (potential) customers might not be the most effective strategy. However, Dell's teaser for its forthcoming 17in, quad-core sporting Precision notebook is right - I do want one.

While some most of the specs of the soon-to-be-released laptop aren't directly stated, a few are heavily implied in the teaser text. To wit:

  • Dual-core? No, YOU WANT quad-core processing power.

  • 8GB memory limitation? Forget that, YOU WANT more.

  • Storage. A few hundred Gig? YOU WANT a Terabyte and RAID.

  • 17" screen? Yes, but YOU WANT 100% Adobe color gamut RGBLED.

  • 512MB of dedicated graphics memory? No, YOU WANT more.

Obviously we know the system will be quad-core, then, but we can also expect configuration options allowing 16GB of RAM, dual 500GB hard drives (in RAID 0 - giving the stated terabyte) and 1GB graphics memory options. A 100 per cent Adobe colour gamut, LED-backlit screen sounds pretty tasty, too.

Better still, if the renders are anything to go by the system is going to look pretty good too. Obviously performance is a more important consideration in a desktop replacement system than its aesthetic values, but if you can have both, why not?

There's only one thing to say to Dell, really: YOU WANT to release this quickly, and for a low, low price!




September 22, 2008, 4:06 pm

WOW! that is some spec! I really hope apple comes out with something close to this that can rival its potential performance when they decide to refresh their MacbookPro line.because I need a desktop replacement that will last me at least 2years and my imac ain't cutting it anymore.


September 22, 2008, 11:01 pm

I bought an XPS Gen 2 three years ago based on the reviews on this website. I use it for 3D CAD modelling (it was a lot cheaper than a Precision workstation at the time) and the odd LAN party. It's getting a bit creaky now so I guess that this new machine could be what I'm looking for. I will be underwhelmed if switching it on doesn't cause streetlights to dim and tooth fillings to spark.

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