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Dell Teases Thinnest Laptop to Date

Gordon Kelly


UPDATED: Dell Teases Thinnest Laptop to Date

Has Dell learned from the original Adamo?

The company has performed an identical public tease of its follow-up: the 'Adamo XPS' to journalists in the US this week and we're left with very familiar (and therefore wary) feelings to those we experienced when the same trick was done with its overpriced, underpowered predecessor in January.

Consequently Dell informally pulled out the Adamo XPS, waved it around briefly, said nothing about the specifications and put it away again. What we can gather however from snaps taken by prolific US bloggers Gizmodo are that this new model is even thinner than the original and seemingly much thinner even than a MacBook Air or Sony X Series.

Look even closer on some Gizmodo shots and a USB port and SD card reader make appearances while Engadget managed to get some evidence of a rather unusual hinge mechanism which in all likelihood is necessary given traditional corner hinges simply wouldn't work with this form factor.

If I were to make a stab at things I'd say we were witnessing an Intel CULV machine and it has to feature a solid state drive - possibly an mSATA given a 2.5in HDD looks to be thicker than the laptop itself. Sky high pricing also seems a given.

We're intrigued Dell, don't let us down again...

Update: Dell has shown off a few official teaser shots. What do we learn? It's still crazily thin!




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