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Dell Teases Inspiron Zino HD Mini PC


Dell Teases Inspiron Zino HD Mini PC

If you're feeling in a particularly speculative mood, then take a gander at these photos of the Dell Inspiron Zino HD and feel free to guess to your hearts content what lies within its glossy exterior. Why the guesswork? Because aside from hinting it will use "desktop components" Dell is keeping silent about what will power the system.

Some inferences can be made without fear of looking silly, at least. The combination of the system's name and the presence of an HDMI port at its rear would suggest high definition content playback is high on the Zino HD's agenda. An optical drive of some sort is present, which could make Blu-ray playback a possibility - don't hold your breath though.

There is a card reader and two USB ports up front, with a further four at the rear, one of which looks to double up to provide eSATA. A VGA input is provided, though why anyone should want to use it is beyond me when HDMI is available.

On a purely aesthetic note, the Zino HD will have interchangeable covers, rather like the Studio Hybrid, somewhat cementing its place as a consumer-orientated device, as if that was necessary. Alas the folks at Gizmodo were unable to get any other info out of Dell.

Seeing as we're in supposition land at the moment, though, I should point out that I have it on good some authority that the drive bay will also accept bread, which will be turned into delicious toast. Just you wait and see.



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