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Dell Teases 9.99mm Thick Adamo XPS

Gordon Kelly


Dell Teases 9.99mm Thick Adamo XPS

While we're on the subject of underwhelming it seems apt that Dell is finally looking to make something of its disappointing Adamo brand after teasing a sexy new model...

Virtually nothing is known about the ‘Adamo XPS' which is shown off at adamobydell.com/xps other than its thick/thinness: 9.99mm. This is far slimmer than the original Adamo and even Apple's MacBook Air. Furthermore, from the teaser shot, it isn't some kind of "thinnest point" cheat either as the Adamo XPS looks to be the same thickness throughout.

One educated/hugely obvious guess I would dare to venture about the laptop though is it will have more horsepower. The XPS name was originally associated with Dell's performance line and while that isn't necessarily the case anymore it does still ring true that XPS laptops tend to have a little extra oomph compared to their more Plain Jane Dell alternatives. Independent graphics in particular would seem a cert this time around.

Elsewhere I suspect we may see one of Intel's CULV processors and also a fixed irregular battery to cram the necessary cells into such a small form factor.

Given the nature of teasers, there is no sense of for how much or when we'll potentially be getting the Adamo XPS, but my optimistic head says Dell will have learnt from its mistakes this time around. MacBook Air look out...


adamobydell.com/xps Adamo XPS Teaser Page

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