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Dell Launches Mac mini Rival In Zino HD

Gordon Kelly


Dell Launches Mac mini Rival In Zino HD

The fad for mini desktop computers and/or small media centres has blossomed over the last 12 months and Dell is looking to take advantage after giving an official launch to the Zino HD.

Looking much like a Mac mini, but with a sense of humour, the Zino HD ships with a choice of six colour options and three patterns and can be configured to be quite the pocket rocket.

Depending on your budget up to 8GB RAM, a 1TB internal HDD, Blu-ray drive and 512MB integrated ATI graphics with HDMI for High Def playback are all available. 2.1 HD audio, Bluetooth, a 4-in-1 memory card reader and Gigabit Ethernet are also offered, though Dell has chosen to limit the CPU to a range of AMD Athlons meaning Intel sits this one out. As for connectivity, on top of the HDMI you'll find VGA, 4x USB and a pair of eSATA ports. Windows 7 Home Premium comes as standard.

The Zino HD goes on sale immediately with prices starting from £249 incl. VAT and delivery, but expect that to shoot up if you go upgrade crazy.

In related news Dell is upping its green initiative by becoming the first industry retailer to ship its computers in bamboo packaging. Bamboo is easily sustainable because of its incredible growth rate (up to 121cm in 24 hours). Practically, bamboo can also take as much stress as steel making it far stronger than cardboard and eliminating the need for foam cushions. The Dell Mini 10 and 10v get the bamboo treatment first with the company expanding it to other systems next year.

Seems a move well worth copying rivals...


Zino HD Product Page

Bamboo packaging via Electronista

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