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Dell Kills Dimensions, Adds Thin XPSes & Colourful Insp

Gordon Kelly


Dell Kills Dimensions, Adds Thin XPSes & Colourful Inspirons

It's all change over at Dell...

Having recently rejigged its OS options (offer Linux/re-offer XP/strip Windows altogether) it has now revised its hardware line up deciding to phase out the near 15 year old 'Dimension' desktop brand while expanding its range of desktops and laptops.

Under the new infrastructure Dell customers will have the option to buy Inspiron, XPS or 'XPS Gaming' machines – the latter name reworked to allow the creation of a wider 'XPS' offering. Consequently seven new models get the go-ahead this week with the XPS M1330 – a svelte 13.3in laptop and six new Inspirons: the 530 and 531 desktops and 17in 1720, 1721 and 15in 1520 and 1521 laptops.

The first of these is the real crowd pleaser weighing just 1.8Kg and built using a magnesium alloy frame and choice of striking red styling. It comes with a range of Core 2 Duo processor options, a choice of integrated X3100 graphics or nVidia's GeForce 8400M GS (with HDMI) and a 1280 x 800 native widescreen display.

A slot loading optical drive saves space and an ExpressCard slot, wireless n, Bluetooth and memory card reader come as standard with the option of EvDO for mobile broadband access. Prices start from just £699...

As for the Inspirons, these are more usual fare having the standard range of Intel or AMD CPUs, integrated or dedicated graphics and typical connectivity but most interesting is the laptops' move to a wide array of colours. Blue, green, silver, red, pink, black, yellow and (Zune inspired?) brown are now all on the menu and I have to say they really do liven up the range.

They all go on sale immediately and expect to be battling it out with Teletubbies, cartoon characters and children's TV presenters for stock online...


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