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Dell Inspiron R Series Get Swappable Lids

David Gilbert


Dell Inspiron R Series Get Swappable Lids	[Updated]

“Just pop, click, switch” – sounds like a new Pringles advert? Well it’s not, it a tag line from a press release from Dell regarding the new interchangeable lids on its refreshed Inspiron R range announced today.

While the ability to change the colour of your laptop lid to match your mood may be of major importance to some people, the inclusion of Intel’s second generation Sandy Bridge processors seems to us of far more importance. The new range will come in 14in, 15.6in and 17.3in models and will come with the choice of a full range of i3, i5 or i7 processors. The R Series has also been redesigned and resembles the XPS range in some ways – which is not necessarily a good thing.

However with the lowest priced 15.6in model starting at $529.99 these budget models do possess offer some value for money, especially considering some of the specs. Apart from bringing the Sandy Bridge love, Dell will equip the laptops with HD webcam and chiclet keyboards (as standard) and blu-ray drives, up to 8GB of RAM, six or nine-cell batteries and USB 3.0 ports for speedy file transfers, as optional extras. As for graphics, the 14in model will be available with AMD’s Radeon HD 6000M while the 15.6in and 17in units will take advantage of Nvidia’s GeForce GT525.

Looking at those popping lids, Dell has a range of colours available for $19 a go or for an extra $10 your can get a lid with a pattern from the Design Studio. While before you may have been stuck with the colour choice you made at the time of purchase, you will now be able to update your look without having to fork out for a new laptop. We’ve seen how popular interchangeable casings for phones have been and we imagine Dell will be onto a winner with this idea too.

We are awaiting news of UK prices and availability from Dell but for those in the US, the laptops are available from its website today and priced between $500 and $900.

Updated: Dell UK has been in touch and said the new 15in and 17in Inspiron R models are available to order from its website today. The 15in will start at £479 with the 17in model starting at £529. The Switch by design Studio lids will go on sale for £29.

Source: Dell US


March 17, 2011, 11:50 pm

"“Just pop, click, switch” â€" sounds like a new Pringles advert?"

Eh, well... not really, no. Sounds inherently mechanical. 'Once you pop, you just can't stop' instantly and appropriately evokes themes of addiction and substance abuse.


March 18, 2011, 3:35 pm

is it just me that hates the dell website? it's impossible to find the right laptop.
Want to find a 1080p laptop? forget it. (trawl through every laptop type to try to find it)
Want a sandy bridge processor? forget it. (the new 17" R series don't list what type)
Want a blu-ray? Forget it. (an option that doesn't exist on the 17" R as far as i could see)
Want to buy a laptop based on any feature you care to think of? forget it.

Want an arbitrary division between home and work laptops - you got it!
Want to buy a laptop based on fluffy descriptions - you got it!

They seem to be more interested in selling you insurance, or hiding behind a 'friendly' {opaque} way to buy laptops rather than by features or cost.
(rant over)

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