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Dell Announces Fastest Business Colour Laser Printer

Gordon Kelly


Dell Announces Fastest Business Colour Laser Printer

Printer news. It isn't exactly what we get up for in the morning, but it certainly helps when models are fast...

Taking that point to the extreme this week is Dell which has unveiled the '5130cdn' which it claims is the world's fastest single function A4 office colour laser printer. Yes, that's quite a lot of qualifications behind the claim and I suspect I could claim to be the world's fastest man... who comes from Newcastle, but lacks a Geordie accent, loves dogs even though they make him sneeze and works for TrustedReviews. Still, benefit of the doubt time.

Besides the numbers do make for impressive reading with the 5130cdn said to push out up to 46 singled sided and up to 36 double sided A4 pages per minute (ppm) in both mono and colour. That's a novel every 5-10 minutes. I can almost hear the trees scream - errr, with joy.

Aside from its raw speed the 5130cdn also keeps costs low at just 0.77 pence (that's under one pence, not 77 of them) for monochrome pages and 4.95 pence for colour pages. With a duty cycle of up to 110,000 pages per month the 5130cdn can also rip through the entire Amazon basin the most demanding of work cycles without breaking a sweat.

The Dell 5130cdn goes on sale immediately for £799 and includes 12 months Next Business Day (NBD) Onsite Service after Remote Diagnosis, so the next time you get a PC Load Letter error you can preserve your sanity. That alone makes it a bargain to me.


Dell 5130cdn Product Page


November 26, 2009, 3:57 pm

From the subtitle: How does 49 pages per minute strike you? Like most printer speed figures it strikes me as largely ficticious.

Geoff Richards

November 26, 2009, 5:05 pm

Crikey! That speed certainly grabs one's attention.

Hopefully we'll get one in for review and benchmark it. A full-colour page every 1.2 seconds... :D

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