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Dell, Lenovo, HP Prep SDXC Card Readers For Laptops

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Dell, Lenovo, HP Prep SDXC Card Readers For Laptops

The promise of the next generation SDXC (SD Extended Capacity) memory card format is undeniably exciting and thankfully it looks as if all the major laptop manufacturers agree too...

According to DailyTech, Lenovo, HP and Dell each "are actively working on laptops with SDXC support" which will come in time for integration with Intel's impending 32nm 'Arrandale' mobile CPUs. There is no word on when Apple will look to cram SDXC into its MacBooks.

So all is good? Not really. The problem isn't just slapping SDXC into laptops it is getting the right performance. The first iteration of SDXC will offer data rates of up to 104MB per second (yes, megabytes) with second generation cards potentially hitting 300MBps. In short, USB 2.0 just won't cut it. Sadly this looks set to prove the bottleneck until 2011 when Intel's Sandy Bridge architecture will offer connections through the PCIe bus.

On the bright side, while the speed may be held back for now, the two terabyte capacity limit on SDXC means time for vastly bigger storage cards to hit the market.

We should be getting the first live demonstrations of SDXC in consumer devices at CES 2010. We can't wait...


via DailyTech

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