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Dane-Elec Joins USB 3.0 HDD Bandwagon

Gordon Kelly


Dane-Elec Joins USB 3.0 HDD Bandwagon

It's snowballing now...

Dane Elec has joined the rash of manufacturers announcing USB 3.0 compatible devices this week with the announcement of its (dreadfully named) 'So SuperSpeed' line of external drives. That said, far from being me-too products, Dane-Elec quotes data transfer speeds of up to 250MB per second for its HDDs - nearly double that of the circa 130MBps rates we've seen so far.

"The eagerly awaited USB 3.0 revolution is finally here, and Dane-Elec is thrilled to be at its forefront," said Dane-Elec marketing director Jon Christeson. "With transfer speeds of up to ten times faster than USB 2.0 devices, these powerful products will be game changers for consumers and small businesses that regularly work with large files such as video content."

The SoSpeed range will start at 500GB and range up to 2TB with 2.5in and 3.5in models available (2.5in up to 640GB) and while pricing isn't yet available we'll get them in time for Chrimbo with an 11 December release date stamped on their foreheads. Furthermore, if you don't have USB 3.0 ports on your motherboard (which pretty much applies to everyone right now), Dane-Elec will start selling PCIe based desktop and laptop adaptors.

Of course to keep up with such speeds you're going to need an SSD in your computer too and Dane-Elec also has that handled after agreeing a deal with Intel to resell their 80GB and 160GB second generation X-25M drives. Again we await pricing, but given their read speeds of up to 250MBps a rather rapid Christmas can now be enjoyed by all...



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