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D-Link Unveils Boxee Box, the Stylish Apple TV Beater

Gordon Kelly


D-Link Unveils Boxee Box, the Stylish Apple TV Beater

Since it debuted midway through last year Boxee has slowly been winning friends and influencing people and now it may just have the killer device to go to the next level...

D-Link has unveiled the 'Boxxe Box', a small (120 x 120 x 120mm), radical yet aesthetically pleasing media streamer designed not only to compete with media players such as the WDTV, but also most importantly incorporate the Boxee service.

For those not in the know, Boxee is marketed as a 'Social Media Center' and is essentially a blank canvass media streamer for web content which works with almost any service including at last count: Apple movie trailers, BBC iPlayer, Jamendo, Joost, Last.fm, Pandora, NPR, SHOUTcast internet audio, plugins, ABC, Blip.TV, CNET, CNN, CBS, Comedy Central, MTV Music (music videos), MySpaceTV, Netflix, Revision3, YouTube, The WB and Television Network.

Boxee also has a long running battle with popular US site Hulu and is having an iTunes/Palm cat and mouse battle of lock and unlock (it is currently winning). On top of this Boxee supports Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and PicasaWeb plus a number of podcast channels and web feeds. In addition, it's native UI (pictured) has come in for a great deal of praise.

Naturally enough, D-Link has built on this with the Boxee Box too by including wireless n, 2x USB 2.0, an SD card slot and connectivity such as HDMI, SPDIF and RCA Audio. The usual vast array of codec support is also promised as well. As it stands D-Link has yet to put a price or release date on the Boxee Box, but for now it has certainly grabbed our attention...


D-Link Boxee Box Product Page


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