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Crytek Releases First Crysis 2 Images

Gordon Kelly


Crytek Releases First Crysis 2 Images

Just a week ago we got the news Crysis 2 would be set in New York City. Now we've got images!

Since I'm feeling spoilt it is worth pointing out these exclusive shots come from PlayStation: The Official Magazine so 1. We're not looking at the full fat £3k PC gaming rig potential, and 2. Whoever scanned them needs to upgrade said scanner and quick. That said, it's worth putting down this placeholder since obsessive perfectionists Crytek will no doubt see this and throw out some proper electronic grabs and I'll update the article.

Still, the (lame - get over it Gordon... and stop talking to yourself) scans to do start to give us an impression of what scenarios will be bringing our shiny new machines to their knees sometime around the end of the year.

In the mean time there's squabbling to do because while the 2007 original game receive unprecedented amounts of criticism for setting unrealistically high demands upon PC hardware, the follow-up has fans fretting the bar has been set too low to accommodate consoles. That seems harsh, though it is also unlikely Crytek will overshoot the average user's specs so far this time around.

Either way, it looks pretty good to me... now let's have that demo!


via The Sixth Axis

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