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Creative Zen Stone 'Plus' Rolls Into View

Gordon Kelly


Creative Zen Stone 'Plus' Rolls Into View

I have to give it to Creative, while it has had its ups and downs in the MP3 player market it always comes back swinging. The Zen Stone and Zen Wav are great examples of this and represented the company's new strategy of trying to out-Apple, Apple: make something very similar then thrash Jobs' boys on price. Mission accomplished so onto step two...

With the launch of the 'Zen Stone Plus' Creative has gone back to trying to out-do rather than out-price Apple. Once again competing with the iPod shuffle, the player throws in two key differentiators: a small, round display for at a glance track selection (allowing normal and random playback) and 2GB of storage - twice that of its rival.

An FM radio, stopwatch, clock and voice recorder functionality also elevate the Plus above the shuffle and yet it retains an identical RRP of just £49.99. Available in black, white, yellow, red, blue, pink and green with a range of strap, clip and chain accessories the Plus goes on sale immediately and will likely do great business – presuming will all remembered to take our sanity medication today...


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