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Creative To Send Wav Crashing Over nano

Gordon Kelly


Creative To Send Wav Crashing Over nano

Having caused great stir with its stunningly priced Stone, it appears Creative is about to take the price war to the nano too – if leaked photos are anything to go by...

Dogged anti-Apple site Anything But iPod has uncovered (rather blurry - isn't it always the way?) advertising for a Creative player called the 'Wav'. It's design is remarkably similar to Apple's mid ranger and with a 1.5in screen and initial 2GB capacity main specs appear that way too.

Naturally, this wouldn't be Creative if it didn't try to trump the nano however and to that end the Wav has front mounted speakers, will allegedly play video, include an FM radio and offer direct line-in recording and voice recording. But as usual, where Creative will really go for the throat is on price. The sample packaging seen shows the RRP in Singapore dollars and this means a 2GB Wav translates to just £59.25 – that is again nearly half the price of a 2GB iPod nano (RRP: £99).

Personally speaking I have little doubt this player exists – fanboy art doesn't tend to come up with practical budget devices – but the big question will be whether it makes it to Europe and the UK? At this stage I see little reason why not...

Update: All official now and here's a (marginally) better pic...


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