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Creative Teases 'Zii' Processor

Gordon Kelly


Creative Teases 'Zii' Processor

Ahoy, erm... we're not sure what you are...?

In its latest viral marketing attempt one time serious MP3 maker and still serious sound expert Creative has teased its very own processor.

Called the 'Zii' virtually nothing is know about the chip but Creative does describe it as 'Stemcell Computing' (a phrase it has trademarked, no less) and boldly proclaims: "Everything you know is about to change..." (how dare it steal my famed ...).

In fact all we really know is what the Zii is not with news from EpiZenTer claiming it is "completely different from their X-Fi audio chip and it will be used in a variety of upcoming products." Despite this however it would seem given Creative's history that it is sound based in some way and perhaps is a form of acoustic enhancement technology which can be used in everything from headphones to MP3 players?

Then again, let's not get ahead of ourselves - an announcement is expected at CES and we'll be there so with just a week to go before we jet off there won't be long to wait... (MY dots!).




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