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Create Your Own 2.5in SSD

Gordon Kelly


Create Your Own 2.5in SSD

Ever since solid state hard discs (SSDs) went from $50 000 millionaire’s plaything into increasingly viable consumer option I have wanted one. I never thought about building my own though...

This however is exactly what Innovative peripherals company Century is proposing. It has announced the ‘SDB25SD’ a 2.5in internal hard drive enclosure that allows up to four SD cards to be slotted inside to create a single large SSD.

Unfortunately the device doesn’t support SDHC which means you will be restricted to a maximum of 4x 2GB SD cards creating a total of 8GB (you can see I was a maths wiz at school) and all inserted cards must be of the same capacity and speed, but I’m sure this will change with future editions.

The final nail in the coffin of version 1.0 though is its asking price: $258.50 from exclusive reseller GeekStuff4U. That would put price up an 8GB equipped edition of the drive at a total of £250 which is likely to fall in line with a proper 32GB SSD. So nice try, but nowhere near a cigar...


GeekStuff4U SDB25SD Product Page

Richard Wilson

October 2, 2015, 3:08 pm

the hell? I have a multiple cards reader and a 128GB SDXC card, that I can use it as an SSD... why should I pay this load of money for this cheap 2GBx4 card bay?

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