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Could The Poco Pro Really Exist?

David Gilbert


Could The Poco Pro Really Exist?

A 14 megapixel camera combined with a media player all in the form that fits neatly in your wallet – and all for £200. That’s the concept behind the Poco Pro but whether or not it can deliver on its promised features is another question entirely.

The Iain Sinclair designed camera is now available to reserve with shipping due in June 2011 but whether this camera will ever actually exist is up for discussion. The reason for the scepticism is that the camera features are extensive and very impressive. They include the ludicrously large 14 megapixel sensor, 2.4in AMOLED screen, integrated media player, automatic uploading to social networking sites and a microSD card slot.

Oh I forgot to mention the Poco Pro is also a full 1080p high definition pocket video camcorder – which is nice. The camera is 85.6 x 54 x 5mm (size of credit card though a bit thicker) and weighs in at 65 grams. It has 4GB internal flash storage with the option to upgrade with up to 32GB with a microSD card. Iain Sinclair claims “excellent low light performance and can outperform much larger and bulky rivals” as well as some “some DSLR type manual controls such as mechanical shutter and continuous variable aperture.” Big boasts to make for such a small device.

If this camera does eventually come to light in the middle of next year, we will tip our hat to Sinclair as it will be a huge jump forward in the design of compact digital cameras and could point the way for the future.

Source: Iain Sinclair

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