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Could HTC Be Making A Facebook Phone?

David Gilbert


Could HTC Be Making A Facebook Phone?

Business-orientated free sheet City AM is not usually a major source of breaking technology news but readers on buses and trains this morning have been reading that the mythical Facebook Phone, or actually two of them, could be coming next month – and in the form of HTC-made handsets.

HTC are obviously remaining tight-lipped about such rumours but City AM has reported that HTC will unveil two Facebook-branded phones at Mobile World Congress next month. The devices will be the first to feature the Facebook logo and will also be colour coded with Facebook-blue so everyone will know you own a Mark Zuckerberg phone.

We have a lot of reservations about this report considering they quote HTC as being a "Korean" company and credit them for producing both of Google’s Nexus phones. However rumours have been floating around about a Facebook phone for some time now and we have even been invited to a mysterious Facebook “event” next Monday morning in London which could bring us some more information. We'll let you know live from the event as it happens.

Another issue these rumours raise of course is what would a Facebook phone actually do that would be different from any other smart phone with a Facebook app? Rumours suggest the Android OS, on which the phone would run, would be tweaked to show Facebook messages more prominently but if that’s all it is offering there may not be much of a market for such a device except among Facebook-obsessed teenager.

In related news and in a cringe inducing piece of news for poor old Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder had his very own Facebook page hacked yesterday by an anonymous intruder who mysteriously used his illegal entry to post something about mirco financing in third world countries. What this has to do with Facebook is not obvious but what is quite clear is that the security issues at the social network are major and will need to be addressed.

Source: City Am

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