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Cosair Unleashes Memory Configurator


Cosair Unleashes Memory Configurator

Memory manufacturer Corsair has made things easier for those looking to upgrade their PC by introducing a ‘memory configurator’, This is an online tool that enables users to search through Corsair’s System Select product line to find exactly the right memory for the system they are wishing to upgrade. This could be a Alienware PC or a Dell server, making it a useuvfl tool for both home and corporate users.

The tool includes over 15,000 systems and 1,000 motherboards. You can visit the Corsair Memory Configurator at the Corsair web site, but is also available at www.scan.co.uk.

“Corsair has now made it incredibly easy to upgrade your PC. With System Corsair Memory Configurator, we have combined our known quality extensive testing in the lab to bring users effortless performance upgrades compatibility” says Martin Mueller, Corsair Director of Engineering.




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