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Control Six Devices With Just One Keyboard

David Gilbert


Control Six Devices With Just One Keyboard

Despite the advance in technology in recent years, the idea of controlling a slew of devices from one wireless keyboard seems a little far fetched. However Iogear have come to the table with a keyboard, which can wirelessly sync with and control six devices at the same time.

The Iogear Multi-Link Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad, or GKM611B, boasts of its ability to connect via Bluetooth with up to six devices including home theatre PCs, games consoles and even smartphones. The range of the keyboard’s Bluetooth is pegged at 10 metres, which could allow for house wide connectivity and weighing in at just over 860 grams the GKM611B wouldn’t be too heavy to tote around your home.

Switching between devices is done “easily” according to Iogear, and once a user switches to the desired Bluetooth-enabled device, custom hotkeys provide a high level of customization for TV, videos, pictures, music, Internet browser, volume control and more. An integrated touch pad with left and right mouse buttons means there is no need to keep a mouse on hand for such things as web browsing.

With the explosion of web-connected televisions at CES this year, connecting to them and controlling them will become a hot topic in 2011. We have seen already a number of different solutions from fancy remote controls to proprietary tablets, which do the job. Iogears GKM611B could however solve the problem, as long as the televisions are Bluetooth-enabled that is. The Iogear could also mean you only need one piece of kit to control a number of your devices, and as a result doing away with a lot of the clutter in your living room.

"Wireless keyboards are appealing because users aren't tethered to a machine while operating," said Bill Nguyen, senior marketing manager for Iogear. "Our new multi-link Bluetooth keyboard offers this same comfort for six separate devices, providing freedom to move around or stay seated while staying connected." The Iogear GKM611B is due to ship in Q1 of 2011 and will cost $79.95.

Energizer Bunny

January 12, 2011, 8:42 pm

So this thing is a universal remote with a qwerty keyboard. I'm not sure why that is either exciting or far-fetched. What am I missing?


January 13, 2011, 5:34 pm

@Energiser Bunny - where do I start?

1. Most remotes for tvs etc. use IR, not bluetooth, and so require line of sight.

2. A qwerty keyboard with touchpad and left/right buttons enabling a more complete browsing experience.

these are just two things that spring to mind - I'm sure others will think of more

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