One great thing about a show like Computex is that I get to hook up with old mates that I haven’t seen in a while. So this morning I marched up to the Sapphire suite to catch up with Adrian Thompson – a man who’s worked for as many tech companies as I’ve worked for tech publications. But catching up with my Kiwi buddy so I could talk about how much we both missed New Zealand wasn’t the only reason I was seeing Sapphire, we also managed to shoe horn some talk about new products into the conversation.

Of course the biggest news was the Blizzard card – Sapphires new ultra high performance graphics solution, cooled by liquid metal for ultimate heat dissipation and lowest possible noise pollution.

The whole card is a sealed unit, so there’s no need to try to fit cooler blocks to the VPU and attach pipes as with regular liquid cooling. Add to that the fact that the liquid alloy flowing around the Blizzard will conduct heat far more efficiently than water, and you can see why Sapphire is pretty excited about its new baby.

Expect Blizzard cards to hit the shelves in the “not too” distant future sporting truly ludicrous clock speeds in order to attract those hardcore gamers with very deep pockets. I’ve got to say that the Blizzard card has an almost “hand made” look to it, which, to be honest I thought was pretty cool (no pun intended). In fact I hope that Sapphire doesn’t tidy the design up too much for the retail boards.

Adrian assured me that there was a working sample of the Blizzard on hand, but that the CPU had died in the test rig. Apparently someone had been sent out to find a new CPU (how hard can that be in Taipei?), so I’ll drop by the suite again at some point to see the Blizzard doing its thing.

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