Complementing the SLi Shuttle Cube was a new 20in widescreen LCD display. Like the Apple 20in Cinema Display, the Shuttle XP20 screen sports a resolution of 1,680 x 1,050, which is great for getting the most out of all that graphics horsepower.

The screen has a 12ms response time and a high contrast gloss coating that’s ideal for gaming and watching videos. The design of the XP20 is great and very reminiscent of recent displays from Sony, which is never a bad thing.

Connection wise you get one DVI, one D-SUB and composite video inputs. There’s also a USB 2.0 hub for connecting up any peripherals you may have on your desktop. Obviously a screen like this is also suited well to watching movies as well as playing games, so I was pleased to hear that the DVI port will be HDCP compliant.

Another new addition to the Shuttle line is the SD31P, which sports the Intel 945G chipset. This is Intel’s latest consumer chipset and supports the recently launched dual core Pentium D chip.

A dual core SFF system is a pretty compelling proposition for anyone looking for power and flexibility without having a big, ugly box on their desk. But the SD31P wasn’t special just because of its motherboard chipset, it also has a rather interesting connector at the rear.

Here among the usual USB, FireWire and network ports, you’ll also find an SATA hot plug port for connecting external SATA devices. Although there aren’t too many external SATA devices yet, Shuttle is hoping to change that.


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