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Bits and Pieces

Akasa was showing off all its case modding paraphernalia. Catching the eye of many passers’ by was a clear case that glowed blue all over. I’m still not convinced about the benefits or logic of a clear case, but it definitely looked different.

Akasa was also displaying its new power supply. This is a high-quality PSU rated at 460w and finished in shiny black. All of the Molex connectors are black and also feature an ejection mechanism to save you having to tug them free.

Inside the PSU is one of Akasa’s own 120mm fans that helps to keep noise down to a whisper.

On the PQI stand was a truly tiny portable media player. From the picture you can see that this would easily fit in your pocket, making it the ideal portable companion. However, unlike the MSI media player that I spent a great deal of time using, this one was locked in a case, so I can’t help but wonder if it was even a working sample.

Finally ECS had yet another interesting looking small form factor PC. This one has been designed to look as much like a small Hi-Fi as possible, and I have to say that ECS has pulled it off. At a glance you’d be forgiven for thinking that the EZ-Buddie2 was a shelf-top stereo.

The design is good and the matching speakers really make it look special. There’s a side mounted memory card reader, just like on the Gigabyte G-Max, and you can playback both audio and video without having to boot into Windows. The EZ-Buddie2 comes complete with a remote control to make it even easier to use.


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