VIA was obviously shouting about its new motherboard chipsets, but there was also a day-long seminar talking about convergence and high definition computing.

It definitely seems like the whole industry is singing form the same hymn sheet when it comes to convergence. Everyone can see a new market starting to grow, and everyone wants a piece of it.

VIA definitely has a strong proposition when it comes to a networked home with streaming audio and video. The Mini ITX and Nano ITX form factors make it simple to make tiny and quiet machines that can stream and playback any audio and video formats.

On the VIA stand were several examples of Mini ITX and Nano ITX machines, but my favourite was definitely one built in a case that was finished in grey leather. This tiny system looked like a small leather box and would definitely look cool in the home.

Unfortunately the board that was mounted in the leather case did not fit correctly, as you can see from the picture above. But with the right board inside, this could be a great little system that adds to your interior décor rather than ruins it.

There were also some more conventional looking systems like the one above. Even though this is larger than the Nano ITX boxes, it’s very slim and would look good under your TV or on your Hi-Fi rack.


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