Gigabyte held a press briefing along with Intel, to promote its new 8 Sigma series of motherboards.

One of the features of 8 Sigma motherboards is ShieldWare – a pack of custom utilities to enhance your PC.

EasyTune5 – A quick and easy system tuning utility to get the most performance with minimum effort.

M.I.T. – Motherboard Intelligent Tweaker allows for easy BIOS tweaking.

C.I.A. 2 – CPU Intelligent Accelerator 2 monitors and automatically adjusts the CPU power relative to workload.

M.I.B. 2 – Memory Intelligent Booster 2 allegedly boosts memory performance and bandwidth by up to ten per cent.

S.O.S – System Overclock Saver automatically reverts a machine to default settings, if it has been pushed too far.

Gigabyte C.O.M. – Web based management tool that allows basic functions to be monitored and controlled remotely.

Xpress Recovery – Allows the system to be backed up to a secure area and quickly restored if a problem occurs.

Xpress Install – A utility to simplify driver installation and take some of the user interaction out of system builds and upgrades.

Other 8 Sigma features include IEEE 1394b support (the new faster FireWire standard), an eight phase power circuit designed to withstand varying current levels, dual Gigabit Ethernet controllers and the latest high definition audio.

The 6-Dual Deluxe series of motherboards targets the Athlon 64 platform and shares many features with the 8 Sigma range. You get features like IEEE 1394b and the Dual Power System, and Dual BIOS support. However, the dual LAN support has one Gigabit controller and one 10/100 Ethernet adapter.

Once again it looks like Gigabyte is trying to give you that little bit extra with its motherboards. In the past many of Gigabyte's cutting edge features were copied by the competition, and I imagine that the same thing will happen this time.

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