Cooling specialist Scythe is dead set on carving away some of Zalman’s market with a few new quiet cooling solutions.

The NCU-2000 is a passive CPU cooler measuring a mammoth 108 x 83 x 140mm (WxDxH). But despite the dimensions, Scythe had this monster mounted in a pretty average ATX case and there was still plenty of space to spare. The NCU-2000 has a copper base with an array of aluminium fins, and Scythe says that it should be sufficient for most CPUs although high frequency chips are not recommended. The NCU-2000 is compatible with Pentium 4 and Celeron processors (Socket 478), as well as Athlon 64 and FX chips (Socket 754).

The VNCU-01NA is a passive graphics card cooler, and although it’s still in the prototype stage, Scythe thinks that it will be adequate for all the new graphics chipsets, including the nVidia 6800 Ultra. Unlike the Zalman ZM80C-HP there is no fan option for this graphics card cooler, mainly because Scythe doesn’t think it needs one. Full production versions of the VNCU-01NA should be available soon, so, once again, expect a full review from TrustedReviews.

Making up a trio of passive products, Scythe also had a new fanless PSU on show. Now this item was so new that there isn’t even a name for it yet, but I was told that it should be putting out in the region of 460W, while remaining as quiet as a mouse. Once everything comes to market, Scythe should be offering you all you need to create a truly quiet PC.

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