Computex 2004 - Taipei

It’s the 1st June and the technology world has descended once again on the city of Taipei for Computex. There’s no doubt that with every passing year Taiwan becomes a stronger power in the technology arena and as such Computex becomes a more important event.

For me Computex 2004 kicked off with an AMD press conference, that was, as is traditionally the case, somewhat hard to find. Along with a fellow journalist I tried to find the AMD booth, but upon completion of this mission we discovered that the press conference was nowhere near the booth. So, back out into the humidity we went in search of the revised location. Of course to be fair it was our fault for both neglecting to bring the location details with us. Although, if my iPAQ hadn’t decided to completely die on me while at CeBIT earlier in the year I would have had my whole schedule in my pocket.

Anyway, I digress, back to the AMD press conference. AMD has been pushing its 64bit line of processors hard this past year, and things aren’t going to change too much in the coming year. Today the new Socket 939 platform launched, along with several new processors from AMD. Launching for the Socket 939 are the Athlon 64 3800+ and 3500+ along with a revised FX-53 chip. Also launched today is the Socket 754 based Athlon 64 3700+. There is a more detailed review of the new Socket 939 platform here.

Strangely, at the press conference AMD claimed that with the Athlon it was the first company to use model numbers to reflect performance rather than quoting CPU clock speeds. Now, I vividly remember Cyrix playing this card in the mid-nineties when competing with the early Intel Pentium chips – Cyrix 6x86 PR166+ anyone?

Once again AMD seemed to be pushing the Athlon 64 as the preferred gaming platform, with demos showing how the latest games will run better on the Athlon 64. Of course this isn’t necessarily a bad route to go down since there is little else that puts more strain on PC hardware these days than 3D games.

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