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Chrome OS Boss Says Platform Will Land 'Mid Fall'

Gordon Kelly


Thought you'd be getting Chrome OS any week now? Think again...

Google Chrome OS head Sundar Pichai (article image) has come out and announced the Cloud focused platform will be launched in "late Fall" (Autumn to we Brits) - a slight delay given talk of Chrome OS beta devices being publicly demoed from mid 2010 and the much rumoured Acer Chrome OS netbooks that failed to materialise.

On the flip side Pichai did stress "{Google} will be selective on how we come to market because we want to deliver a great user experience. We're thinking on both the hardware and software levels" - you wouldn't really expect him to say the opposite. "Chrome OS is one of the few future operating systems for which there are already millions of applications that work," he did point out. "You don't need to redesign Gmail for it to work on Chrome. Facebook does not need to write a new app for Chrome."

So can you wait a bit longer? Chrome OS or no Chrome OS I'd suggest you'll have to looking at the state of our mobile broadband networks...

Link: Reuters

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