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Chrome Market Share Powers Past Safari

Gordon Kelly


Chrome Market Share Powers Past Safari

Chrome is on the move...

According to web statistics expert Net Applications, this week it has leapt ahead of Safari to become the third most popular web browser. It follows Chrome's high profile launches on Mac and Linux and the roll-out of its much anticipated third party extensions.

Of course third place makes for a great sound bite, but in reality this amounts to just 4.4 per cent of the browser market to Safari's 4.37 per cent. By comparison Firefox has 24.7 per cent and Internet Explorer a still depressingly large lead of 63.6 per cent.

That said, it would be unfair to dismiss the trend here since the browser space tends to move in tiny increments thanks to over one billion PCs out there and it has taken Firefox five years to amass its near 25 per cent share. Notably Firefox also got a jump on the industry while IE6 was asleep at the wheel and the one year old Chrome enters during a thankfully much more competitive period.

In all in all I can't say I'm too surprised. After five years I have finally swapped from Firefox to make Chrome my default browser and a week on I can't say I'm regretting the choice. Chrome extensions (pictured), while still in their early days, are wonderfully fluid, installing and uninstalling without requiring a restart or impacting browser performance and recent functionality such as pinning tabs and Firefox-esque smart keywords have been crucial. All of which is without saying Chrome is by far the fastest browser on the market, both in terms of loading pages and opening and closing.

So I'm sold and it looks like 4.4 per cent of you are too and rising...


via Net Applications

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