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Chrome Launches With Extensions for Mac

Gordon Kelly


There's one thing you'll never see Apple mention in any of its horrendously smug commercials: the Mac tends to get new software versions later than Windows. This is no slight since Windows holds over 85 per cent of the global computer market it simply makes more sense for developers, but it is a noticeable frustration. Thankfully good things come to those who wait...

Bearing this out is Google, which has just announced a new beta of Chrome for Mac which finally brings those all important third party extensions to Mac OS X. The wait this time around hasn't been too bad, with Chrome for Windows only getting extensions in December. That said, this merely makes up for Mac owners having to wait 15 months for Chrome to hit OS X at all.

Happily the 2,200+ extensions (to date) work just as happily on Chrome for Mac and also require no restart to install or uninstall. This is something which tends to make users more open to testing out new apps and in general apps don't impact Chrome performance so heavily as they do Firefox, though there are certainly some exceptions.

That's not that only news, however, as the new Chrome for Mac beta also brings about a number of equally welcome additions such as Cloud syncing bookmarks, pinning tabs and even faster web page rendering.

If you have a Mac and you're running Chrome, this is the version you've been waiting for. You have a Mac and you aren't running Chrome, this is the version you should be switching for.


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