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Chrome Gets 30% Faster & Integrates Flash

Gordon Kelly


If you're still wondering why Google Chrome appears to be the main reason behind Internet Explorer's market share dropping under 60 per cent for the first time in 11 years this may help explain it...

Chrome's prolific developers have again pushed out yet another exciting build - this time 5.0.375.29 beta on Windows, Mac and Linux - which combines yet more features with even greater speed. How much speed? Up to 30 per cent in V8 benchmarking over the last Chrome beta (which is already faster than the current stable Chrome build) and up to 35 per cent faster in SunSpider benchmarks. For those keeping score, this equates to 213 per cent and 305 per cent boosts on V8 and Sunspider respectively since Chrome was first launched just 20 months ago.

In short: Chrome is once again by far the fastest page rendering browser available after Opera briefly dared to steal its title. Yes, you'll still be dependent on your Internet connection, but much less on your PC to render the page once the information is received. How fast can Chrome work in real terms? The video above is a pretty startling example.

On top of this is an expansion of bookmark sync which can now sync browser preferences (themes, homepage and startup settings, web content settings and language) across multiple machines. As promised by Google previously, Flash support is integrated directly into the browser meaning no need to download it separately plus automatic updates, better performance and it is sandboxed so Flash can't crash the browser even if it crashes itself.

HTML5 support gets improved too with support for Geolocation APIs, App Cache, web sockets and site wide drag and drop - as witnessed in microcosm previously with Gmail drag & drop attachment functionality which was added last month. Lastly extensions can now be used in the browser's incognito mode.

Chrome has almost tripled its market share in the last 10 months and I wouldn't expect that rate to drop off any time soon...


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