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Chinese Gaming Console Delayed

David Gilbert


Chinese Gaming Console Delayed

It seems as if the Chinese people are destined to be frustrated on the gaming console front with the announcement that the release date of the Lenovo-backed eBox has been pushed back until the Chinese New Year.

The eBox is a motion-sensing gaming system similar to the Microsoft Kinect, which was due to be launched this month but to allow for “further improvements to the console's user experience.” Chinese gamers have long been denied, officially at least, access to the Xbox and PlayStation consoles because the free-thinking Chinese government believe they will have adverse affect on the youth of the country.

The eBox has been produced by the Lenovo-funded Beijing Eedoo Technology and spokesperson for Eedoo, Zhang Zhitong said: "The exact release date has yet to be decided." The company is hoping to sell 12 million device in its home territory with around 30 games being launched with the console from developers from China, the US and France.

With its not inconsiderable population, China is obviously a market that Sony and Microsoft would dearly like to get official access to, and both companies are actively looking into the possibility at the moment. Whether we will ever see the eBox outside China is unknown but we won’t be holding our breath.


January 19, 2011, 5:30 pm

I am not sure about the console, but the logo you have for it is the logo for a Linux server distro, now called Zentyal so this could be a hoax.


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