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Cheap Chargers Could Kill Warns DTS

Gordon Kelly


Cheap Chargers Could Kill Warns DTS

While we love telling you about the latest and the shiniest we do also want you alive to keep reading the site...!

With this in mind it is worth taking a minute to listen to a notice posted by Buckinghamshire Council's Trading Standards about the risk posed by a flood of cheap electronics chargers hitting the market. According to the short statement the body has found "potential electric shock and overheating problems" in many of them particularly "non-branded gaming machine chargers imported from China and typically sold through on-line sites."

Worst offenders have been models sold for the Nintendo DS and DS Lite but it is also thought ones marketed for Gameboys aren't the safest either.A model causing extreme concern is identified by the product code: 'DE 62347066' as shown in the snaps above. Branded simply as ‘Travel Charger' it is suggested all owners immediately contact them on 08453 708090 or email 'tsd@buckscc.gov.uk'

I must say, as a general rule it is common sense to stay away from most generically branded equipment unless you known it comes from a trusted source or website of good standing.

Besides, we don't want you to die – we like the page impressions ;)



Peter A

July 22, 2008, 1:33 pm

"we like the page impressions"

And we like the impressions your pages make on us! ;o)


July 22, 2008, 1:39 pm

I have been using various "dangerous charges", bought predominantly off eBay, for a long time and am yet to be electrocuted. I don't buy the cheapest available but use common sense, and still save 50-70% off the price of a branded charger. Unless manufacturers lower the costs of their accessories (not likely) or the unified charging interface for all phones, which will introduce competition and drive down prices, materialises (only talk so far) I will stick to eBay thank-you-very much :-)

The Pope

July 22, 2008, 2:26 pm

I thought this was a story about DTS surround sound until I clicked... :)

(and yes, I know there isn't room for "Cheap Chargers Could Kill Warns Trading Standards")

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